Android operating system for mobile devices is an open source platform for smartphones and tablet computers. As of October 2011 there more than 500,000 Android applications have already built on Android and over 10 billion Android apps have been sold and downloaded from the marketplace. Android is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms and is expected to grow even faster as tablets and smartphones become more common.

Application development in Android has become very popular and we offer various Android Training programs for freshers and experienced professionals. Because of Android being Open Source/ Free a lot of hardware companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc have started using Android as their base smartphone OS which has created a huge market for Android apps and developers.

Our Android Training program usually is conducted over a 4 month period and covers topics on how to design, develop and build applications for Android. The Android Training program takes a student from the basics of programming to creating small and large Android based apps. The Android Course not only teaches the student how to program, develop and visualize Android apps but also details on how to sell them on the Android marketplace.

The students work on a live Android project/application and are able to Learn How to make and Android App.

    Android Application Development Course/ Syllabus:-

  • Getting started with Android Programming
  • All Core Java Concepts
  • Introduction of android Framework
  • Android Development Tools
  • Creating Android Application and Activities.
  • All controls
  • View Groups(Gallery,Gridview..etc)
  • Working with Menus
  • Intent
  • 2DGraphics,2Danimation
  • Audio,Video
  • Preferences(with all controls)
  • Using File System (from Internal and External)
  • Accessing Sdcard
  • Database and Content Provider
  • Maps,Geocoding and Location Based Services
  • Parsing
  • Dom Parsing,Json Parsing,Sax Parsing,Pull Parsing.