iPhone Training program is a 4 month training program with extensive theory practical and live project on the iPhone SDK. The iPhone training course includes all the tools, utilities, components, classes and best practices used by our programmers working on iPhone applications.

The iPhone training program starts at SDLC and gets into details of Objective C with details of tools and utilities required forbuilding iPhone applications. The iPhone training course is designed to train the students on Objective C syntax and constructs and XCode IDE. It also explains the framework, how to build objective C classes, Properties and methods, Debugging using XCode and memory management on the iPhone.

The iPhone Training program also covers the iPhone Hierarchy delegates, view controllers, Interface and architecture to build an application that can be scaled after being put on sale. iPhone training course also includes how touch will impact the users and development and debugging for animation and user interface.

All the students get an opportunity to build a live project based on requirements created by clients.

    iPhone Application Development Course/ Syllabus:-

  • Fundamental
  • Objective C
  • Controllers
  • View Controllers
  • Table View Controllers
  • Navigation Application
  • Tab Bar Controllers
  • Sqlite Database
  • Audio and Video Playback
  • Internet connectivity
  • Map View
  • Web View
  • XML Parsing
  • JSON Parsing
  • Application Integration
  • Email sending
  • Message sending
  • Debugging